Cognitive Skills Development

All pupils in Years 5 and 6 follow a programme in Thinking Skills. The lessons are called COGs (Cognitive Development). They help them, among other things, with their Senior School pre-assessment tests. They are also useful across the curriculum as they teach and develop study skills. This is done through two specific means: problem solving activities such as games and puzzles, and reasoning exercises - verbal, non-verbal and quantitative.

All pupils in Year 7 attend a Study Skills Seminar in the Autumn Term in which they are encouraged to think about the way they work and look at strategies for more effective learning. They receive a manual which will be an important and useful guide to study methods.

Resources to help your children develop their cognitive skills through Verbal and Non Verbal Reasoning:

1. This site offers a range of practice papers.

2. (IPS) Verbal Reasoning 11+ Daily Practice Tests by Nicholas Geoffrey Stevens

3. ‘How to Do Verbal Reasoning: a Step by Step Guide’ and ‘How to do Non-Verbal Reasoning: a Step by Step Guide’ published by Galore Park are the guides used by children in school from Years 5 and 6. They also work through the books of Reasoning Papers. There are sets of work books in these series. If you visit the site you will see a wide range of resources and study books, together with tests papers. The step by step guides are easy to follow and children can practice each skill in turn.

4. Bond Reasoning Papers –these are widely available in shops like WH Smith, and also from Amazon. We have some in school that the children may use from time to time. 

5. provides a wide range of books and CDs which give practice in all aspects of cognitive skills. They also offer on-line facilities for learning. 

Click here for Guidance Notes to Parents helping to prepare children for Pre-Assessment Tests