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You will not find a better, happier and more successful school than St Hugh’s. You’d expect me to say this but I hope that if you have not already done so you will see for yourself why I have this view. When Viv, Melissa, Lara and I first visited, we were really struck by the wonderful atmosphere of the school. Yes, the buildings and grounds were beautiful but it was the children and staff to whom we immediately warmed. Down to earth, friendly, polite, smiley, kind and considerate, the children continue to welcome newcomers as warmly as they did me and my family when we first arrived.  

I can honestly say that the staff are the most talented, outstanding team I have ever come across.  And I say this both in my capacity as a head but also as a prep school governor, IAPS Council member and District Chairman, who has visited dozens of schools over the last ten years. I have seen good practice elsewhere but none has matched the excellence I see every day all across the school.


Viv and I have two girls: Lara, 14, is a Year 10 boarder at Cheltenham College, having spent a very happy year at St Hugh's in Year 8 and Melissa, 16, has successfully completed her GCSEs at St Helen and St Katharine before moving to join her sister at Cheltenham. Viv is Director of Early Years Education for a schools' group and she is also a regular fixture at school events.

Like most parents, we are very aware that children are often very different to each other, even within the same family, and I love the fact that St Hugh’s is a place where everyone has a chance to shine, be they children who might struggle with their learning or whether they are destined for academic scholarship. We are an inclusive school where everyone is involved in music, takes part in school plays and represents the school in matches on Wednesdays. However, we are also a school which promotes excellence and you see this in the classroom, on the sports pitch, in Art and DT studios, on stage and in the vibrant musical life of the school.

And, finally, as a school, we make the following commitment to you: we promise to be an interesting and forward thinking school, a school where your children will learn, where they will succeed, where they will feel at home and, yes, where they will have fun.

I look forward to meeting you and showing you what makes St Hugh’s such an exceptional school.

James Thompson

‘Small classes, spacious modern facilities and glorious surroundings are enough to inspire any child to reach their full potential, and everyone is encouraged to find their talent’

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