School Aims & Values

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St Hugh's aims to provide a secure, happy environment, promoting the emotional wellbeing and mental health of all pupils and enabling them to gain confidence.

  • To develop a moral and spiritual awareness in pupils and to lead them to value themselves and others.
  • To give a sound academic foundation, to foster a positive work ethic and to encourage pupils to think for themselves and to become independent learners.
  • To instil a desire to participate in a wide range of activities and to contribute to the community.
  • To encourage a readiness to tackle new tasks and to accept challenges without fear of failure.
  • To achieve a genuine, broad preparation for successful transfer to senior school and for the challenges of life ahead.

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'The St Hugh's pupils we met were a bright, cheery bunch...Children excel in these calm surroundings...

St Hugh’s is a co-educational preparatory school with a clear sense of purpose: to give our pupils a secure educational foundation and the confidence to be adaptable and independent as they prepare for life beyond the school. We aim to give them all the opportunity and encouragement to develop their own interests and talents, while learning to work and play together and to contribute positively to their community.

There is no competitive selection: we both welcome and cater for pupils of a wide range of ability. Our aim is to foster confidence and a love of learning across this range – an outstanding Scholarship and Common Entrance record and the provision of integral learning support both bear testimony to our inclusive approach.


We reflected recently about which values are most important to us as a whole school community and identified six key values which we try to remember and utilise every day.

The trees below demonstrate and expand upon these values, in an age approprite way, for Nursery, Pre-Prep, Middle and Upper School children:

Nursery and Pre-Prep Values Tree


Values Tree for Middle School


Upper School Values Tree


Small classes, spacious modern facilities and glorious surroundings are enough to inspire any child to reach their full potential, and everyone is encouraged to find thier talent.’

The Good Schools Guide

'There is a real sense of community amongst the pupils and staff that makes a significant contribution to pupils' personal development. A palpable sense of belonging and care for others is shown by all pupils.'

Independent Schools Inspectorate