Senior School Destinations

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At the age of 13 our pupils go on to a wide variety of senior schools, both boarding and day, co-educational and single sex. Academically, we are non-selective but very successful, with an excellent record in both CE and Scholarship. In the last five years 85 awards have been won by our pupils. Academic awards have been matched by others for art, DT, drama, music, sport and all-round strengths and leadership qualities.

The schools which pupils move on to include:





Abingdon School
Eton College
Harrow School
Magdalen College School
Radley College
Winchester College


Cheltenham Ladies’ College
Downe House
Headington School
Oxford High School
Rye St Antony School
St Helen & St Katharine
St Mary’s, Ascot
St Mary’s, Calne
Tudor Hall