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A full staff list for 2023/24 can be found below.

For more information or for any queries, please contact us either by telephone (01367 870700) or by email. The School Receptionists, the School Secretary, or the Headmaster's PA will be very happy to help put you in touch with the appropriate member of staff.



Mr David Griffiths, BA (Cardiff), PGCE, MEd


BursarMr Alistair Hamilton,  BEng (Bath), MCMI

Senior Deputy Head Academic: Monsieur Bertrand Leullier: BA (Lille), MSc (Lille, Stafford), PGCE

Deputy Head Pastoral, Senior Tutor: Mr Richard Clarke  BA (Canterbury), QTS

Deputy Head Operations: Mr Daniel Maitland  MA (Oxon), QTS

Director of Future Schools, Senior Tutor, Director of Music & Performing Arts: Miss Sally Ewins, ARCM, Dip RCM perf, PGCE 

Head of Middle School: Mrs Julia Veness, BSc (Miami), PGCE

Head of Pre-Prep & Head of Early Years: Mrs Jessica Blythe  BA (PTE) (Oxford Brookes), QTS

Director of Marketing & Admissions: Mrs Clare Rich  BA (Durham), PGDip LCPDT


Mr T Judge   BA (Bath)  Sports Teacher, Leavers' Programme Coordinator

Ms K Addison   BA (Oxford Brookes), QTS, English (maternity cover)
Miss Y Antwi-Dakwa  BA (Warwick) Drama Teacher (maternity cover)
Mr P Bailey  BA (Kings College), PGCE (QTS) (Oxford Brookes)  Middle School Teacher
Miss K Beckett  NVLQ Level 3  Pre-Prep Teaching Assistant
Mr M Berry  MA (Cantab), PGCE  Pre-Prep Teacher
Miss G Best  BEd (Winchester), QTS  Pre-Prep Teacher
Mrs C Beverly  BA (Warwick), PGCE  English (maternity leave)
Mrs C Bickell  BSc (Bath), PGCE, MEd  EAL  French, Latin
Mrs A Blanchard  BSc (UWE Bristol)  Head of PE  Girls' Sport
Mrs K Bolt  BSc App (Brisbane), Postgraduate Dip  Science  
Miss L Botsford  BEd (Bedfordshire)  Pre-Prep Teacher, Deputy Head of Pre-Prep
Mrs C Boyd  EngTech MIMechE  Science Technician
Mrs L Brodley  PGCE  Pre-Prep Teacher
Mrs N Bunter  BSc (Lancashire), PGCE (Cumbria), HLTA  Upper School Teaching Assistant
Mrs E Chamier-Williams  BA (Durham), PGCE  Pre-Prep Learning Support
Mrs P Chandler  BA (Leeds), MA (Birmingham), QTS, PGCE  Middle School Learning Support
Mrs K L Clarke  BSc (Leeds), QTS  Head of DT
Mr R Clarke  BA (Canterbury), QTS  Deputy Head (Pastoral), Senior Tutor, Maths
Miss S Coles  BA (Exeter)  Pre-Prep Teacher
Miss M Costello  BA (Portsmouth), PGCE  Head of Modern Foreign Languages, Head of Years 5 & 6, Wellbeing
Mrs L Davies  BEd (Sheffield Hallam), PGC SPLD, PGC SEN, AMBDA  English
Mrs E Dickins  BCom (Birmingham)  Librarian, Head of Houses
Mrs E Dupée  BA (NTU) Pre-Prep Teaching Assistant 
Miss S Ewins  ARCM, Dip RCM perf, PGCE  Director of Future Schools, Senior Tutor, Director of Music & Performing Arts
Mrs G Farrow  Pre-Prep Teaching Assistant
Miss T Ferguson  BA (London), QTS  Head of PTP, Learning Support
Mrs H Flower  BSc (Open University)  Pre-Prep Teaching Assistant
Mrs K Godfrey  BA (Manchester), PG Diploma SpLDs (Helen Arkell)  Middle School Learning Support
Mrs R Golding  BSc (Glos), PGCE  Girls' Sport
Miss T Gujral  BSc (Winchester)  Graduate Sports Assistant
Ms K Habberley  BA (Leeds Beckett)  Middle School Teaching Assistant
Mr M D Hargreaves  BA, PGCE, CPSE  Head of History, Head of Scholarship
Mr J Harris-Bass  BA (Oxon), PGCE  Geography, Head of Years 7 & 8
Mrs E Heppell  BA, MA, ARSM, ACIM, AInstLM  Music 
Miss C Hill  BA (Exeter), PGCE  Middle School Teacher
Mrs P Hills  BA (Aberystwyth), PGCE  Head of Drama, Head of Malvern (maternity leave)
Mrs A Hiscock  CACHE Level 3 Diploma  Nursery Teaching Assistant
Mrs T Huxley  Middle School Teaching Assistant
Mrs J Johnson  BA (Canterbury Christchurch), Level 3 - Forest Leader NVQ Level 3  Forest School Teacher
Mr T Judge  BA (Bath)  Acting Boarding House Parent, Sports Teacher, Leavers' Programme Coordinator
Mr J Kennard  BSc (East Anglia), PGCE  Head of Science, Head of Current Affairs
Miss M Lepisova  CACHE Level 3 NVQ  DT Teaching Assistant
Mrs A Lings  BEd (Oxon)  Head of Nursery
Mr C McCully  BA (Liverpool John Moores), QTS  Director of Sport
Mrs H McCully  NNEB, Level 3, HLTA  Nursery Teaching Assistant
Mr D Maitland  MA (Oxon), QTS  Deputy Head (Operations), Maths, Science
Mrs C Marnham  BA HONs (Bristol) PGCE (OXON)  French, Latin
Mrs G Newman  BA (Birmingham), PGCE  Girls’ Sport, PE
Miss P Patel  BEd (Hertfordshire), PGCE  Middle School Teacher
Mrs N Perceval  BA (Oxford Brookes), PGCE  French Teacher 
Mrs R Pickering  BA (Exeter), PGCE  Head of RS, Head of Bickley
Miss S Price  BEd (Winchester), MSc, QTS  Middle School Teacher
Mrs K V Ricks  BSc (Brunel), PGCE  Girls' Sport
Mr B Rogers  BSc (Brunel), QTS  Maths Teacher
Mrs E Rogers  BSc (Cardiff), PGCE  Middle School Teacher
Miss A Rose  BA (Bard College), MA (Chicago), PGCE  Head of English
Mrs E Rundle  BSc (Open University), MBPsS, PG Diploma SPLD (dyslexia) (IOE UCL), AMBDA  Learning Support
Mrs J L Russell  BEd (Newport)  English, Maths, Geography
Miss E Smith  Level 3 Diploma, HLTA  Middle School Teaching Assistant
Ms G Spizzirri  BA (Essex), PGCE  Head of Art
Mrs K Steenaart  CACHE Level 3 NVQ  Pre-Prep Teaching Assistant
Mr S Tomlinson  BA (Wolverhampton), PGCE (QTS) (London Met), PGCert NASENCo (Oxford Brookes)  Head of Learning Support
Mrs C Tooze  BEd (Oxford)  English, Learning Support
Mr J Towers  Law (Glamorgan), PGCE  Head of Maths, Head of Chislehurst
Mr M Waller  BA (Wales), MA (Nottingham)  Head of Latin, Head of Assessment, Head of Carswell
Mrs A Walsh  BEd (Trent)  Pre-Prep Teaching Assistant
Mrs F Welch  BSc (Durham), PGCE  Head of Geography, Learning Support
Mrs C Wilsdon  CACHE Level 3 Diploma  Nursery & Pre-Prep Teaching Assistant
Mrs M Wootten  BA (Open University), QTS, Pre-Prep Teacher
PA to Headmaster, Academic Administration: Mrs K Everatt
Admissions Registrar: Mrs F Scobie BA (Durham), CIM Level 6 Diploma (Oxford College of Marketing)
School Secretary: Mrs L Allen
Receptionists: Mrs V Thomasson, Mrs H Swainston
External Relations & Events Coordinator: Mrs L Macpherson
HR Officer: Mrs C Glover
Assistant Housemistress: Mrs N Shanta 
Assistant Bursar: Mrs S Threadgold
Accounts Assistant: Mrs T Jenkins
School Accountant: Mrs H Wilson
Head Nurse: Mrs F Lines  RGN, Nuco First Aid Instructor
Medical Assistants: Mrs D Pargeter, Mrs M Jackson
Estate Manager: Mr R Farrow Dip RSA, Cert IOSH
Assistant Estate Manager: Mr M Hobbs
Estates Staff: Mr G Davies, Mr J Pollard, Mr E Kennedy
Lettings Manager & Head of Activities: Mr R Paul
Domestic Services: Miss S Hutt, Mrs K Bird 
Laundry: Mrs K Titcombe
Mr D Smith
Mr P Leafe
Mr J Khan
Mr A Armytage
Mr C Cole

‘Small classes, spacious modern facilities and glorious surroundings are enough to inspire any child to reach their full potential...’

The Good Schools Guide

'The social development of pupils is outstanding at all ages. This is evident in the harmonious relationshsips that exist between pupils as well as with the teaching staff and other adults in the school.'

Independent Schools Inspectorate