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 A full staff list for 2020/21 can be found below.

For more information or for any queries, please contact us either by telephone (01367 870700) or by email. The School Receptionists, the School Secretary, or the Headmaster's PA will be very happy to help put you in touch with the appropriate member of staff.

HeadmasterMr James Thompson, BA (St Mary's) QTS

Senior Leadership Team

BursarMr A Hamilton, BEng (Bath) MCMI

Deputy Head Academic: Mr B Leullier, BA (Lille), MSc (Lille, Stafford), PGCE

Deputy Head Pastoral, Senior Tutor (Boys): Mr R Clarke, BA (Canterbury), QTS

Deputy Head Operations: Mr D Maitland, MA (Oxon), QTS

Head of Middle School: Mrs J Veness, BSc (Miami), PGCE (Maternity leave)

Acting Head of Middle School: Mrs F Welch, BSc (Durham), PGCE

Head of Pre-Prep & Head of Early Years: Mrs J Blythe, BA (PTE) (Oxford Brookes), QTS

Director of Admissions and Marketing: Mrs C Rich

Mr J Avery, BSc (Oxford Brookes), PGCE, House Parent, Boys' Sport
Mrs J L Avery, BSc (Oxford Brookes), PGCE, House Parent, Pre-Prep Supply Staff

Teaching Staff
Miss R Andrew, BSc (Brunel) Graduate Sports Assistant
Mr M Berry, MA (Cantab), PGCE, Pre-Prep
Mrs C Bickell, BSc (Bath), PGCE, MEd, EAL, French, Latin
Mrs A Blanchard, BSc (UWE Bristol), Head of PE, Girls' Sport, Deputy House Parent
Mrs K Bolt, BSc App (Brisbane), Postgraduate Dip, Science Teacher, Upper School Teaching Assistant, Girls' Sport
Mrs K Boswell, BA (PTE) (Oxford Brookes), QTS, EVC, PGCE Literacy Difficulties, Head of Pre-Test Preparation, English, History
Miss L Botsford, BEd (Bedfordshire), Deputy Head of Pre-Prep
Mrs L Brodley, PGCE, Pre-Prep
Mrs E Chamier-Williams, BA (Durham), PGCE, Pre-Prep Learning Support
Mrs K L Clarke, BSc (Leeds), QTS, Head of DT
Mr R L Cleaver, BA (Newcastle), MA (Worcester), PGCE, Head of Maths, Head of Examinations
Miss S Coles, BA (Exeter), Pre-Prep
Miss A Collier, BSc (Birmingham), PGCE, Pre-Prep
Miss J Collignon, MSc (Orléans), Science Technician
Miss M Costello, BA (Portsmouth), PGCE, Head of Modern Foreign Languages
Mr D Crook, BSc (Cardiff Metropolitan), Graduate Sports Assistant
Miss F Crook, BSc (Durham), PGCE, Head of Geography, Maths
Mrs S Dale, BSc, (Harper Adams), DT Technician, Assistant Librarian
Mrs S Dams, BA (Sheffield), PGCE, OCN L3 (BDA), PGCAEP Literacy Difficulties, Middle School Learning Support
Mrs L Davies, BEd (Sheffield), PGC SEN, PGC SpLD, AMBDA, Senior Tutor (Girls), Head of Future Schools, Head of PHSE
Mrs E Dickins, BCom (Birmingham), Librarian
Mrs J Du Plessis, PDA, HLTA, Pre-Prep Teaching Assistant
Mrs E Dupée, BA (NTU), Forest School Leader, DT Technician, Drama Assistant
Miss S Ewins, ARCM, Dip RCM perf, PGCE, Director of Music, Head of Performing Arts, Head of Calendar, Head of Houses
Mrs G Farrow, Nursery Teaching Assistant
Miss T Ferguson, BA (St Mary’s), Middle School
Mrs J Fisher, BA (Newcastle) PGCE, Pre-Prep
Mrs H Flower, BSc (Open University), Pre-Prep Teaching Assistant
Mrs J Galbraith, BA (London), Nursery & Pre-Prep French, Middle School Teaching Assistant
Mrs K Godfrey, Middle School Learning Support Teacher, BA (Manchester), PG Level 5 Diploma SpLDs (Helen Arkell), Learning Support
Mrs R Golding, BSc (Glos), PGCE, Girls' Sport
Mrs S Halliday, BA (Reading), PGCE, Upper School Teacher
Mr M D Hargreaves, BA, PGCE, CPSE, Head of History, Head of Scholarship, Science
Mrs E Heppell, BA, MA, ARSM, ACIM, AInstLM, Pre-Prep Music, Music Admin Assistant
Mrs P Hills, BA (Aberystwyth), PGCE, Head of Drama, Head of Malvern
Mrs A Hiscock, CACHE Level 3 Diploma, Nursery Teaching Assistant
Mrs A Hughes, BA (Bard College), MA (Chicago), PGCE, Head of English
Mr J Kennard, BSc (East Anglia), PGCE, Science, Head of Current Affairs, Head of Activities
Mrs D S Landray, BSc (York), MSC (Oxford), PGCE, Head of Science
Mrs A Lings, BEd (Oxon), Head of Nursery
Mrs A Lord, Montessori Dip Ed, Diploma Dyslexia (Kingston), Head of Learning Support
Mrs C Marnham, BA (Bristol), PGCE, French and Latin
Mr C McCully, BA (Liverpool John Moores), QTS, Director of Sport
Mrs H McCully, NNEB, Level 3, HLTA, Nursery Teaching Assistant
Miss S A Middleton, GRNCM, PGCE, Head of Art, English
Mrs G Newman, BA (Birmingham), PGCE, Girls’ Sport, PE
Mrs S North, MA (St Andrews), PGCE, English
Miss V O'Callaghan, BA (University College Roosevelt), PGCE, Middle School
Miss P Patel, BEd (Hertfordshire), PGCE, Middle School
Mrs R Pickering, BA (Exeter), PGCE, Head of RS, Head of Bickley
Mrs K V Ricks, BSc (Brunel), PGCE, Girls' Sport
Miss C Riley, BA (Warwick), PGCE, English
Mrs E Rogers, BSc (Cardiff), PGCE, Middle School
Mr T Rose, BA (Leeds Beckett), DTLLS, Head of Digital Learning & Development
Mrs E Rundle, BSc (Open University), MBPsS, PG Diploma SPLD (dyslexia) (IOE UCL), AMBDA, Learning Support
Mr J Rundle, BA Hons (SAE Institute), Marketing & Communications Officer, School Photographer & Videographer
Mrs J L Russell, BEd (Newport), English, Maths, Geography, ICT
Mrs Judith Sharifi, Level 3 Diploma, HLTA, Boarding Tutor
Miss E Smith, Level 3 Diploma, HLTA, Middle School Teaching Assistant
Mrs K Steenaart, CACHE Level 3 NVQ, Pre-Prep Teaching Assistant
Mrs C Tooze, BEd (Oxford), Upper School Learning Support
Mr J Towers, Law (Glamorgan), PGCE, Maths, Head of Chislehurst
Mr M Waller, BA (Wales), MA (Nottingham), Head of Latin, Head of Assessment, Head of Carswell
Mrs A Walsh, BEd (Trent), Pre-Prep Teaching Assistant
Mrs R Walsham, CACHE Level 3 Diploma, HLTA, Pre-Prep Teaching Assistant
Mrs S Ward, BA (East Anglia), PGCE, Maths, History & Learning Support
Mrs F Welch, BSc (Durham), PGCE, Head of Geography, Maths
Mrs C Wilsdon, CACHE Level 3 Diploma, Nursery & Pre-Prep Teaching Assistant
Miss T Woodd, Middle School Teaching Assistant
Non Teaching Staff 
PA to Headmaster, Academic Administration: Mrs K Everatt
School Secretary: Mrs J Claverley
Head of Creative Marketing, Head of Communications: Mrs C Rich, BA (Durham), PGDip (LCPDT)
Head of External Relations, Events and HR Manager: Mrs H Lloyd
Events Assistant: Mrs K Cawdron
Assistant Bursar: Mrs J Brown
Accounts Assistant: Mrs T Jenkins
School Accountant: Mrs H Wilson
Receptionists: Mrs V Thomasson and Mrs V Argles
Head Nurse: Mrs F Lines, RGN, Nuco First Aid Instructor
Nurse: Mrs A Codrington, RGN, Diploma Occupational Health, Nuco First Aid Instructor
Resident Boarding Tutor: Miss H Joseph-Green
Matron: Mrs D Pargeter
Estate Manager: Mr R Farrow Dip RSA and Grad IOSH
Estates Staff: Mr A Amaral, Mr J Esplin, Mr G Davies, Mr M Hobbs
Swimming Pool Manager: Mr R Paul
Manor House Cleaning: Mrs H Rowland, Miss S Hutt 
Laundry: Mrs K Titcombe

‘Small classes, spacious modern facilities and glorious surroundings are enough to inspire any child to reach their full potential...’

The Good Schools Guide

'The social development of pupils is outstanding at all ages. This is evident in the harmonious relationshsips that exist between pupils as well as with the teaching staff and other adults in the school.'

Independent Schools Inspectorate