Current Affairs

Current Affairs lessons at St Hugh’s help children to better understand the world around them.  Lessons involve responding to recent events in the news as well as stimulating an interest in upcoming events. In learning about the world around them, pupils develop critical thinking skills and how to argue for and against different points of view. We encourage pupils to engage with the world and challenge their own assumptions.  While giving pupils a context and background to different news stories, we often discuss what it is to be a British citizen, whether that includes discussing the Rule of Law, Parliamentary Democracy or some other aspect of our society.

Current Affairs can touch on almost any subject, but stories and topics broadly fall into one of the following categories:

World Affairs

UK Society

Politics, Government and Business

Science and Technology

Art, Culture, Media and Sport

We use a range of other online and print-based media including national newspapers and websites like the BBC or TedTalks. We also subscribe to The Day, an online daily news service that we use for Current Affairs lessons, Form Time and independent research by older pupils. Parents and pupils can get free access to The Day website, by following this link: A fantastic resource for encouraging debate around the breakfast table!