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Every day our newspapers and the media are full of geography related items. Whether it is sport, politics, leisure or a natural disaster we believe in keeping geography alive and relevant.

At St Hugh's we encourage children to have curiosity in the world around them. Our geography syllabuses are linked together from Pre-Prep, through to our Year 8 and Scholarship classes at the top of the school. Familiar threads bind the topics together and pupils build their knowledge and understanding of geography as they move through the school.

Geography is about developing an understanding of our world, primarily through experience, investigation, and learning from secondary sources.  

Fieldwork plays an important part in developing this understanding and enabling children to make links within their learning in geography. As well as trying to get outside when it is relevant, each year group undertakes smaller project based enquiries to develop their investigation skills. They include a weather project in Year 5, a settlement project in Year 6, the St Hugh's iPQ (independent project qualification) in Year 7 and a sustainability project in Year 8. 

Studies include:

Year 5: Weather study: At multiple sites around St Hugh's are there any differences in the rainfall levels and temperatures?

Year 6: Settlement study: Does land use change as you move away from St Hugh’s?

Year 7: Sustainability study: How does the National Trust manage the White Horse Hill in a sustainable way?

Year 8: River study: Is there any difference in the width, depth and speed of the River Cole at different points along its course?