The Mathematics Department at St Hugh’s aims to support all children in becoming confident learners and to prepare them for Common Entrance and Scholarship to their senior schools. Mathematics is a vital subject for children to be familiar with and to use with confidence at school and later in their adult lives. We believe lessons at St Hugh’s enable children to do this and to develop an enthusiasm for the subject that will stay with them for life.

In Pre-Prep, children are taught core mathematical concepts: sessions contain practical activities, which encourage pupils to become confident with number, shape, space and measure. Appropriate language is used so that children can build up mathematical vocabulary. Children learn to apply their knowledge in order to complete calculations and record their mathematical ideas.

As pupils move into Middle School, they are given tools to help them make the transition between the practical activities enjoyed in Pre-Prep and the more formal, abstract elements of maths that they are required to access in later years. Maintaining a sense of fun and enjoyment, maths in Middle School develops confident, independent mathematicians who are able to make links between their existing knowledge and skills enabling them to access new learning, as well as use and apply in problem solving contexts.

We follow the National curriculum for Maths from Reception up to Year 5 and are in the process of introducing Power Maths, a whole-class mastery programme,
which is designed to nurture confidence in Maths by discussing mathematical ideas, to enable a deeper understanding of them, while also developing curiosity.


Children in Year 6 begin to follow the ISEB CE 13+ syllabus in their lessons. This means they are introduced to topics (such as Algebra) which are not covered by the National Curriculum at this stage to an appropriate level. This enables pupils to become familiar with the content to be covered as they progress towards their final exams in Year 8. Topics taught in lessons are well supported by Hegarty Maths, an award-winning homework website that uses the latest findings in Cognitive science and how we learn, whilst also building confidence through success.


Children are given opportunities to develop their knowledge and interest further through entering national competitions, such as The Primary Maths Challenge and the UKMT Junior Maths Challenge, as well as other local school competitions. There is also the Summer Maths Quest for children in Upper School, which always creates a real buzz of excitement. Children work collaboratively, solving a series of Maths problems, the final one leading to the discovery of the Golden Compass.