Learning Support

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Children with special educational needs are welcome at St Hugh’s and we have an experienced Learning Support member of the staff in each of the three stages of the school. These specialist teachers are responsible for planning and co-ordinating the provision for those pupils identified prior to entrance and also for those whose needs are identified as they move through the school.

Learning Support sessions are tailored to meet the children’s needs and intervention usually starts with small booster groups. Throughout the school, classes are also helped as necessary by assistants who encourage and support children in both literacy and numeracy. We work very closely with both the English and Maths departments to support and reinforce the structured schemes which are in place. Emphasis is placed on enabling the pupils to enjoy their learning, to build their confidence, to achieve their potential and ultimately, to become self-sufficient wherever possible.


Mr S Tomlinson,  BA (Wolverhampton), PGCE (QTS) (London Met), PGCert NASENCo (Oxford Brookes), Head of Learning Support
Mrs E Rundle,  BSc (Open University), MBPsS, PG Diploma SPLD (dyslexia) (IOE UCL), AMBDA
Mrs E Chamier-Williams, BA (Durham), PGCE, Pre-Prep Learning Support
Mrs F Welch, BSc (Durham), PGCE
Mrs K Godfrey, BA (Manchester), PG Diploma SpLDs (Helen Arkell), Middle School Learning Support
Mrs J Russell, BEd (Newport)
Mrs C Tooze, BEd (Oxford)

Miss T Ferguson  BA (London), QTS  Head of PTP, Learning Support

Mrs P Chandler  BA (Leeds), MA (Birmingham), QTS, PGCE, PGCert, NASENCo (Christchurch, Caterbury) Learning Support