The Governors of St Hugh's recognise that independent school fees are now at levels that, despite the best endeavours of their parents, exclude many children from St Hugh's. Accordingly, the Governors set aside a fixed sum each year to provide bursaries for children whose parents could not otherwise afford to send them to St Hugh's. Means testing is used to determine whether a bursary is to be awarded and to what value, with the maximum award being 100% of the fees. In exceptional circumstances, any extra charges will also be paid.

Parents applying for bursaries will be asked to complete a means test form and provide the validating documentation requested. All documents will be treated as confidential. Successful applicants will also be required to furnish information annually regarding their current financial circumstances, so that the level of award can be reviewed and adjusted where necessary. Please contact the Bursar for further details.

We also offer bursaries to children whose parents work in the armed services. For further details please contact the Bursar.