The school fees at St Hugh's are inclusive, with very few compulsory extras.  Most trips, learning support, all meals, late supervision, books and most activities are not charged separately.

Below are the termly fees effective from the Autumn Term 2022:

Reception (4+)     £4,395
Pre - Prep - Years 1 and 2  £4,800
Middle School  £6,980
Upper School £7,590
Weekly boarding   £1,510
Single Night (Mon-Thurs) £45
Single Night - sibling  £33 
Termly: One morning session per week     £450
Termly: One afternoon session per week  £345
Termly: One full day per week  £795
Please note that we have a minimum booking requirement of 4 sessions per week for all Nursery children   

Fees can be paid termly, before the first day of each term, or in nine monthly instalments under the Direct Debit scheme.

Supplemental charges will be invoiced prior to the start of term and shall be payable on receipt of the invoice. Unforeseen charges that accrue during the course of a term will be invoiced prior to the start of following term and shall be payable on receipt of the invoice. An interest charge may be made on late payment of any sums due.

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'Small classes, spacious modern facilities and glorious surroundings are enough to inspire any child to reach their full potential, and everyone is encouraged to find their talent'

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