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After school activities run between 4.45pm and 5.30pm on a Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday, and happen throughout the term (apart from the last afternoon before we break up for holidays). 

Information is emailed home at the end of the previous term, or start of the new term, for pupils to choose clubs they would like to take part in.

If you require further details or have any queries about the Extra Curricular Activities programme, please contact Mr Russell Paul, Head of Activities. 

Activities marked with an asterisk are taught by outside instructors and there is therefore a separate charge. If existing participants wish to give up such an activity, a half term's notice is required for withdrawal. There is no charge for other activities. 

Activities will begin in the first week of term. We are using the online tool, SOCS, to manage Years 1-8 after-school activities, tea and prep sign up. SOCS allows you to log in and select the activities that you would like your child to take part in each term. To log in: please click here (usernames and passwords have been emailed separately to parents). This link can also be accessed via the parent portal.

As an alternative to attending a club, Day Pupils may stay for supervised 'Late Stay' from 4.45-5.30pm.  Day Pupils may also be booked in for tea, with collection by 6.15pm at the latest.