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Drama is recognised as being a vital part of the school curriculum for all pupils at St Hugh’s.  Every child – from Nursery to Year 8 – has opportunities to use Drama as a way of working together, gaining self-confidence and expressing themselves freely through acting, singing and dancing.

A number of our pupils achieve Drama scholarships to their senior schools and others go on to study Drama at A level and beyond.  By the time they leave St Hugh’s, all pupils will have had experience of mime, improvisation, role play; of playing games to develop rhythm and team building skills and to have prepared for participation in various performances.

Learning is progressive with pupils acquiring new skills each year and this can be seen in their ability to communicate character, emotion and atmosphere.

Visiting companies and professionals help to develop performance and understanding and pupils are exposed to a wide variety of literature and poetry.  The Drama Department works closely with the Music and English Departments and there are close cross curriculum links with other departments such as History, French, Classics, Music, PE, DT, Art and ICT.  

There is an after school LAMDA Club which gives pupils who sign up the opportunity to prepare for the LAMDA exams of poetry recital, mime and acting.

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