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Music plays an important part in the life of St Hugh’s and we have a vibrant and thriving music department. Every child takes part in concerts and musical activities and we encourage all pupils to explore their musical potential through the myriad of opportunities on offer. All children have classroom music in the curriculum and every child is able to take instrumental lessons given by fourteen visiting specialist teachers.

In Middle and Upper School we are delighted to provide over a dozen groups ranging from rock bands to large choirs and from small instrumental ensembles to the school orchestra. Group music making develops social skills and an understanding of the need to co-operate with others. The repertoire is often challenging and our regular rehearsals and concerts provide pupils with opportunities to gain self esteem and enjoy a tremendous sense of shared achievement.

I hope that by exploring the links on the left you will find a vivid snapshot of the exciting music making that goes on at St Hugh’s. Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you require any further information.

Sally Ewins, Director of Music


In a fast paced, technology driven modern life why is it so important that children continue to receive an education in Music? In a school with a packed timetable and high expectations of academic and sporting achievements is it really necessary to fit in Music? Michael Stock from the Voices Foundation sums up most compellingly why Music is an essential part of both education and society:

'Music confirms our understanding that there is something beyond ourselves. It promotes high level intellectual and physical attainment, and evokes deep emotional and aesthetic response. It stimulates processes of thinking which require high levels of accuracy and precision. In a unique way, involvement in music provides a rich variety of opportunities for acquiring and developing a wide range of the musical, personal and social skills which our modern world needs.'

Michael Stock, Voices Foundation

At St Hugh’s we aim to awaken an interest in and inspire a love of music by enabling every child to enjoy performing, listening and composing through musical activities.

We are committed to helping pupils fulfill their musical potential by creating individual programmes of music study for every child.
Our mission is to ensure that every child leaves St Hugh’s having had a positive experience of music, having developed an open mind about all styles of music and found an enthusiasm for exploring and making music.

'Music expresses that which cannot be said and on which it is impossible to be silent' 

VIctor Hugo