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PE and sport play a very important role in the daily programme for every St Hugh’s pupil; for general skills, health and fitness and also for the fun and sportsmanship that active participation and successful competition can bring.

The aim of the PE programme is to promote a healthy and active lifestyle by involving the children in a broad and varied range of sports and activities. Creativity is also nurtured, fostering independent learning and the ability to work alongside others. A sense of fair play and graciousness in victory and defeat is encouraged.

The timetable allows boys and girls to be involved in Physical Education and Games sessions 5 to 6 times a week.

PE lessons are fully co- educational and are varied to allow the children to experience different sports and activities.


Years 3-6: Health Related Fitness & Invasion Games (Netball Fives, Football, Basketball and Hand Ball)

Years 7-8: Health Related Fitness & Invasion Games (Ultimate Frisbee, Basketball, and Lacrosse)


Years 3-6: Gymnastics, Dance and Swimming

Years 7-8: Gymnastics, Dance, Synchronized Swimming, Volleyball, and Badminton


Years 3-6: Athletics and Striking and Fielding

Years 7-8: Athletics and Tennis

School Colours are awarded to the most able pupils in recognition of their outstanding talent and achievements.