St Hugh’s has robust procedures in place to mitigate the risk of Coronavirus and help protect the health of all members of our school community, including pupils, staff, parents and visitors.

As a community, we all have a duty of care as well as a vested interest in making sure that guidelines are followed and expectations are managed, and it is very important that children, staff, parents and visitors understand, support and adhere to the measures we have put in place.




Pupils with symptoms of COVID-19 should stay at home, take a PCR test and if they test positive they should report it to school here, and avoid contact with other people.  Pupils can take an LFD test from 5 days after their symptoms started followed by another one the next day.  If both these test results are negative, they can return to St Hugh’s as long as they feel well enough to do so and do not have a temperature. As testing kits are no longer routinely distributed through schools, Parents may still pick up testing kits from local pharmacies and order them online.

Close contacts are no longer required to self-isolate or take daily tests and with the termination of contact tracing, we shall move towards more normal operation, as we do with other germs. 

Asymptomatic Testing

Staff and pupils in Years 7&8 will not be expected to continue taking part in regular asymptomatic testing and should follow asymptomatic testing advice for the general population.  Further information is available in the NHS get tested for COVID-19 guidance.  In the event of an outbreak, a school may also be advised by their local health team or director of public health to undertake testing for staff and students of secondary age and above for a period of time. 

Should you choose to test your child and they do receive a positive result then the self-isolation guidance above should be followed. 

By following the advice not to test if asymptomatic, any children not in school will registered as ill (whether they have COVID-19 or other illness) and therefore teachers shall cease to provide remote hybrid teaching to those at home recovering.  The school will have a simple boundary, as with other illness absence from school: if children are ill, they should rest and recover at home and if they are well, they should feel encouraged to come to School. 


We continue to encourage those eligible for a vaccination to take up the opportunity as soon as it is available. 






 A full risk assessment has been completed and any visitors coming on to the school site will need to adhere to the following measures:

  • All visitors must follow the latest government guidance on the wearing of face coverings.
  • All visitors will be required to abide by the current social distancing requirements during their time on site.

 The School’s Covid-19 Risk Assessment can be found by clicking on the link below.  Please note that this document is continuously reviewed and updated in response to changes in guidelines.

ST HUGH's COVID-19 risk assessment