School Trips

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School trips are an important part of school life and fun and educational outings are organised for children from Nursery to Year 8, with pupils experiencing a wide range of day trips throughout the year.

As children become older, they benefit from a wide variety of residential trips to outdoor education centres such as The Wilderness Centre, Foxlease and Youlbury, as well as overnight camping Bushcraft expeditions. This programme culminates with the Leavers' Expedition which departs following the completion of exams, where Year 8 pupils enjoy a week under canvas in Devon.

We have annual residential trips to France in Year 7.  They spend a week in a Chateau in Normandy where they are immersed in the French language, including lots of activities led by the French staff.

In alternate years teams of netballers and cricketers from Years 7 and 8 go on tour to Barbados. Both the girls' and boys' teams embarked on a joint tour in July 2022.  Apart from the sporting fixtures, these trips offer an important opportunity to explore a different culture and to meet children whose lives are very different from our own and, of course, there’s always the sea, sand and sunshine when there’s time to relax.