Second-Hand Uniform

The school's Second-Hand Uniform Shop is well-stocked with items in a wide range of sizes. 

The shop is based in a portacabin next to the sports pavilion and upper tennis courts. You can park outside. 

Opening Hours 

TERM TIME: The shop is open twice a week on Mondays from 8.15 - 9.00am and on Thursdays from 3.15 - 4.15pm. Please drop in during opening hours. For specific enquiries please contact Mrs Macpherson  


If you are an existing parent, following your visit, Mrs Macpherson will email you to confirm the items of uniform you have bought and the value which will be added onto next term’s bill. New parents who have not started at the school yet will be invited to pay the school directly. 

Uniform Lists 

If you are unsure what uniform to buy for your child, please do refer to the Uniform page

Donating/Selling Items 

The shop sells "nearly new" items on behalf of parents. If you would like to donate your items, when they are sold, 100% of the sale price goes to the House charities (no label required), otherwise you can label the items and 20% of the sale price will be retained for the House charities and 80% will be returned to you. Labelled items in the shop that belonged to families who left the school 3+ years ago, will have 100% of their sale price donated.  

Labels are available either in the shop or at Reception. If you have a large number of items, it might be easier/quicker for you to collect some labels from Reception and complete them and stick them on to the items at home. If you would like to donate 100% of the sale price to the House charities, then you do not need to add labels.  


Please ensure that all donations are in a “nearly new” condition, clean and with nametapes removed. We ask that blazers are dry cleaned and left in their protective plastic.  

Donations must be handed into the Second-Hand Uniform Shop in person during its opening hours and will be checked in person for quality. If there are items we cannot accept because they are discontinued uniform, not in a “nearly new” condition or are items we do not sell, then we will politely return these items to you.  

Please note we do not accept or sell:  swimming trunks and costumes, House t-shirts, long sports socks, swimming hats, shoes and trainers and sports equipment like shin pads.