Upper School

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We have a clear sense of purpose: to give our pupils a secure educational foundation and the confidence to be adaptable and independent as they prepare for life beyond the school. We aim to give all of them the opportunity and encouragement to develop their own interests and talents, while learning to work and play together and to contribute positively to their community. Our aim is to foster confidence and a love of learning.

In the Upper School, pupils from Years 5 to 8 are placed in a form for registration with a form teacher and then move to a specialist subject teacher in a subject room for each lesson. A full list of subject teachers, as well as administrative and support staff and matrons, can be found on the website and is also printed in the front of the termly calendar.

During the course of the year there will be parents' evenings which give you an opportunity to discuss your child's progress with the staff. These are marked on the school calendar which you will receive with the mailing at the end of each term and you will also receive a letter beforehand with your appointments for the evening. At other times please feel free to come and discuss any issues which arise with your child's form teacher. The children should also feel that they can come to us and we like to encourage them to deal with general queries and minor issues themselves as a further step towards independence.

Each child has a prep diary which should be filled in each day. It would be helpful if parents could check this daily and this may also be used as a means of communication with form and subject teachers.

If you have any concerns or queries do feel free to contact us. Staff may be contacted in term time by email. Alternatively, you may telephone the school on 01367 870700 and the Receptionists, Mrs Swainston and Mrs Thomasson, or the School Secretary, Mrs Allen, will be very happy to help put you in touch with the appropriate member of staff.