Ben Lebus

Mob Kitchen ( started as an exciting and hugely successful online publishing company producing "how-to" food videos of meals for £10 that serve 4 people.  It was started by Ben whilst he was studying at Edinburgh University.  He realised that his student friends, on a small budget, had a limited menu of meals that they would cook again and again (mainly bacon sandwiches and bought soup).  Ben had grown up watching his father run a restaurant in Oxford and so was never short of ideas for meals and he realised that despite there being a huge number of websites and cookery books, there was nothing for his target market - students.   
When it started Ben was cooking from his parents' home and working for Deliveroo.   However, since February 2019, Ben and his team have been creating and filming recipes for Mob Kitchen on a full-time basis and they now have over 350,000 followers on Instagram. It is fair to say that their audience has broadened hugely, and they now help to inspire busy mothers and fathers as well as working professionals and their children.  
Ben cooks vegan recipes as well as meat and vegetarian dishes.  His favourite Mob Kitchen dish is the homemade doner kebabs and ginger and the delicious sounding soy steamed salmon that his dad cooked was the dish that he enjoyed most as a child.

Music is also a big part of the Mob Kitchen day and the team have put together different lists on Spotify that help to make your cooking even more fun.