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Responsibility & Leadership

At St Hugh’s we feel it is important to provide pupils with the experience of leadership roles and responsibilities. These opportunities give pupils life skills and the chance to contribute to the success and progress of the school.

  • House Captains

These are elected termly in all three sections of the school and pupils in these positions are given responsibilities and expected to be excellent role models for the other pupils in their house.

  • School Council & Food Council

In Pre-Prep, Middle and Upper School pupils have the opportunity to be a School Council or Food Council member. Chaired by the Headmaster or Deputy Head, these committees meet twice a term and members discuss issues that are raised during form time. Notes including action points are posted on noticeboards for all pupils to see.

  • Leadership Training and Year 8 Roles

In the summer term, Year 7 embark on leadership training and following this, pupils take part in an

application process to become varying roles in Year 8, including subject mentors, sports captains, Head Chorister, house captains and prefects. In Year 8, one boy and one girl are appointed as Heads of School for each term. All Year 8 pupils have at least one duty each week and on Open Days they escort prospective parents on tours of the school.

Subject mentors and sport captains are awarded to pupils who demonstrate a passion and maturity in a particular area within the school. They are expected to be a leading light in their field, providing expertise, encouragement and support for their peers.

Up to five prefects are elected each term and these individuals should display characteristics that reflect the core values of the school. They are our leading ambassadors and are given various responsibilities such as welcoming guests to the school and helping with annual school events such as Pre-Prep Sports Day.