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High quality emotional support lies at the heart of St Hugh’s School. It is central to everything we do and we believe that children will only perform and achieve to the best of their ability if they are confident, resilient and most importantly happy. It is the responsibility of all our staff to aim to achieve this stability for every pupil in our school.

The Values Tree provides the foundation for all our pastoral support and these core values and desired learning behaviours feed the school’s rewards and consequences system. Further information on our Values Tree and rewards and consequences can be found in the Behaviour for Learning Policy in the Life at St Hugh’s section. 

All pupils have a form teacher who is responsible for their pastoral welfare and additionally to this in Year 7 & 8, pupils select a personal tutor who provides further advice and support to our older pupils. Form teachers and personal tutors keep the following staff members informed about the pupils in their care:


  • Head of Pre-Prep - Jessica Blythe 
  • Deputy Head (Pastoral) - Richard Clarke
  • Headmaster - David Griffiths

Middle School:

  • Head of Middle School - Julia Veness 
  • Deputy Head (Pastoral) - Richard Clarke
  • Headmaster - David Griffiths

Upper School:

  • Deputy Head (Pastoral) & Senior Tutor - Richard Clarke 
  • Director of Studies & Senior Tutor - Sally Ewins
  • Head of Years 5 & 6 - Meghan Costello
  • Head of Years 7 & 8 - Jonathan Harris-Bass
  • Headmaster - David Griffiths

Richard Clarke is the Designated Safeguarding Lead for the school.